Selected Testimonials

Simone Yehuda
Great Screenwriter who creates unique worlds that are both believable and compelling. Simone will not let you down if you are looking for someone to write a script for you. In addition, she's a terrific and I mean terrific proofreader.


Simone Yehuda
A play born of the New Playwrights Program at the Attic Theatre premiered full bloom tonight. WILLING is a play to watch. Simone Press’ play is like a Michigan farmhouse: fine, well-built, rough hewn. Under Randall Forte’s direction, WILLING, named for a town wooing the Michigan Central Railroad in 1908, is strongest as a play when the integration of set, lights, costumes and quilts are conspiring to reveal the story of a telegraph man who found the WILLING women aptly named and was dispatched to his maker. . . If you’re serious about theatre in Detroit, you must see this production. . . a mighty story told with power and drive.
Commentator, Detroit Channel 4