Selected Testimonials

Simone Yehuda
JERUSALEM ROAD has become a powerful and beautifully written screenplay. The opening pulls us right inside the heart of the crisis and into the family who loses that girl who detonated the bomb in the soda can. A brilliant choice.


Simone Yehuda
A play born of the New Playwrights Program at the Attic Theatre premiered full bloom tonight. WILLING is a play to watch. Simone Press’ play is like a Michigan farmhouse: fine, well-built, rough hewn. Under Randall Forte’s direction, WILLING, named for a town wooing the Michigan Central Railroad in 1908, is strongest as a play when the integration of set, lights, costumes and quilts are conspiring to reveal the story of a telegraph man who found the WILLING women aptly named and was dispatched to his maker. . . If you’re serious about theatre in Detroit, you must see this production. . . a mighty story told with power and drive.
Commentator, Detroit Channel 4