Love & Homicide

Screenplay by Simone Yehuda

GENRE: Romantic Thriller

A confirmed bachelor billionaire sets out to solve his mother’s murder. The detective he hires is a thorn in his side, but just when he realizes he may be falling for her, he discovers her parents might be the killers.

SYNOPSIS: A freak accident kills SAM’s mother, but he’s convinced she was murdered – by his father. His brother tries to dissuade him by hiring his friend LYLA, a detective, to prove that Sam’s suspicions are unfounded.

Sam has no use for women in his life. What’s worse, Lyla’s the type of woman that most repels him. She’s pushy and arrogant. But he soon realizes he needs her expertise. Clue after clue leads nowhere. They snipe at each other. Never were two people less compatible. Sam decides the whole effort is ill-advised. But after they go their separate ways, he himself is almost killed. After Lyla saves his life, Sam reluctantly acknowledges his powerful attraction to her. His heart opens and they fall in love.

Sam returns home to apologize to his father for his suspicions. While waiting for his father, Sam finds a partially torn contract signed by Lyla’s parents. He questions his father, who tells him to mind his own business, which only confirms Sam’s original suspicion.

Freak accident or murder?

Sam tells Lyla her parents must have been involved with his mother’s death. What else could the contract mean? Outraged, she breaks up with him. Sam goes to confront Lyla’s parents and she overhears them convince him that it was she herself who planned and executed his mother’s murder because she was after his billions.

Lyla investigates, learns of her parents’ secret murder-for-hire organization, and contacts the police. She notifies Sam that it was his father who hired her parents to murder his wife. Sam becomes violently ill and has to be hospitalized.

Months later, a recovering Sam – still in a quandary about the revelation of his father’s villainy – meets Lyla again at a Children of Criminals Anonymous (COCA) meeting. Together with the facilitator and other members of the group, they try to help Sam decide how to bring his father to justice.