The New Eve

Screenplay by Simone Yehuda

GENRE: Sci-Fi Thriller

Doomed to be sacrificed after delivering her child, an artificial woman must choose between saving herself or the human race.

SYNOPSIS: It’s 2063. An infant-mortality crisis is causing worldwide panic. Babies aren’t outliving their first day of life. Violent protests are erupting in every major city. The future of the human race is in jeopardy. The youngest child alive is ten years old.

In San Francisco, citizens storm The Global Guardians Network demanding a cure. Biomedical engineer PAUL HOFFMAN needs an uncontaminated womb to test his restorative serum.

Is the human race worth saving?

Paul’s ex, fertility scientist ISABELLE MAYIM has inherited an ancestor’s ancient mystical texts and succeeds in creating EVE, an artificial young woman, as progenitor of the human race. Isabelle informs Eve that if Paul’s serum is properly absorbed by her uterus and she delivers a healthy baby, the remedy for the plague will have been found.

Although Eve in all ways appears to be human, she learns she’s a golem, a creature without a soul, and that’s why she will be discarded when her usefulness is over. Unsure about whether to accept this fate or even if the human race is worth saving, she runs away to find someone who can help her make the right decision.

During her journey, Eve meets friends and foes who expose her to human experience in all its complexity. NICOLA TRBOJEVICK, an eccentric electrical engineer, is able to hide Eve from the forces out to destroy her. In particular, she’ll need to defeat JJ MCKENZIE, a self-serving, power-hungry woman who intends to steal Eve’s baby by performing a c-section.

Will Eve succeed in freeing herself from her circumstances? Or will she, her baby, and the human race be doomed to extinction?