The New Eve

Screenplay by Simone Yehuda

Written by Simone Yehuda
Ph: (734) 945-7967
Copyright PAU 00365629


GENRE/FORMAT: Grounded Sci Fi Feature

An AI pregnant golem, created to birth a baby that will save the  human race,

 must decide if the human race is worth saving.

COMPS: Children of Men meets Ex Machina.


It’s 2122. All babies die as soon as they take their first breath.  The youngest child alive is ten years old.  Scientists all over the world have failed to find a cure. The future of humanity is at risk. Geneticist PAUL discovers that the source of the problem is bacteria missing from women’s wombs; they’ve been overly cleansed due to the use of modern day anti-bacterial products. He has created an infusion as remedy, but it has failed on human newborns and his artificial wombs.

His ex-wife, fertility scientist ISABELLE, decides to try to create an AI golem, a human-looking creature – created out of gynoid components and bacteria rich clay – as procreator of the human race.  She follows an ancient recipe and succeeds in creating and impregnating RASA. However, Rasa soon learns that, because she’s a golem, she’ll be discarded after she delivers her baby.  She runs away, refuses to complete her mission if she won’t be allowed to be a real mother and care for her child after it’s born.  

Confronted by humankind’s inhumanity, cruelty and greed, she decides the human race isn’t worth saving. Although she earns the status of being able to raise her child, she decides to reject the entire proposition. When she’s kidnapped by the head of the Global Guardians Network for selfish, ambitions reasons, it becomes necessary for Paul and Isabelle to rescue her, convince her that the human race is worth saving, and assist in the delivery of her baby.