Screenplay by Simone Yehuda

GENRE: Mystery Thriller (Short, based on an actual unsolved murder)

Not long after a Canadian gentleman is hired to save a small Michigan town from extinction, he seduces every man and woman who recruited him, and is found murdered one night, shot between the eyes.

SYNOPSIS: When PETER BRINK arrives in Willing to establish the Michigan Central Railroad’s flagship station, he’s welcomed by the BEEHIVE, the eight members of the town’s de-facto government: REBECCA and MATTHEW DAYRE, ABIGAIL and WENDELL LEED, SARA FIELD, DOC FRANCIS LOVELY, EDITH CARBLEU, and JUDGE CHARLES ROOT. Their ambition for Willing’s future rests in Peter’s hands. Because a recent fire destroyed their depot, a neighboring town is being seriously considered for the honor they’ve been seeking.

Peter is instantly mesmerized by Rebecca, whose unresponsiveness is a shock – the only rejection he’s ever experienced. However, true to form and in short order, he captivates and conquers the Judge, Doc, Edith, Abigail, Wendell, Matthew, and Sara, whom he impregnates.

Peter makes a final move on Rebecca. Confesses he’s fallen in love for the first time. She too – despite her reservations – has become enamored of him, but when Sara’s son THOMAS is born, it’s obvious to all that Peter’s the father.

Betrayed, the Beehive takes it upon themselves to murder Peter, agrees to raise the baby as their own, and take a sacred secret oath to never reveal the killer or their story.  When people arrive by the busload for Peter’s funeral, it’s clear that Peter had been through several towns before he arrived in Willing.